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  • We recommend GFCI protected outlets within 6' of sink areas as a safety upgrade.
  • Smoke detectors are designed and intended to be tested by homeowners and/or occupants of a dwelling.  We recommend testing them regularly to insure they are funcitonal, including as soon as you move into a dwelling.  Change batteries at least twice a year or as needed.  The start and end of daylight savings time is a good reminder to change batteries.  Your life and safety depends on it.  Smoke detectors have a useful life of 10 years and then they become unreliable and should be replaced.  Current code for new homes requires smoke detectors on each level and in or near each bedroom. 


    • We recommend installing carbon monoxide detectors in homes with oil burning boiler systems.
    • The average service life of an A/C system is 15-20 years.  Air conditioning manufacturers do not recommend running A/C units when the outside air temperature has not been above 65 degrees for at least 12 hours as it could damage the compressor. 
    • Heating and air conditioning equipment manufacturers recommend annual inspections of furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, air conditioners, etc.  We recommend obtaining a service and maintenance policy on your heating and cooling systems and having them checked annually. 
    • Condensation drains on an air conditioner should be cleaned annually.  If your condensation drain has a removable cleanout cap in the drain, remove it in the spring and pour a small amount (1/4 cup) of household bleach into the drain allowing it to sit for 10-15 minutes and then flush with clean water to ensure the drain is clear.  Replace the cap.  If your drain does not have a removable cleanout cap, have one installed by a licensed HVAC contractor.  Failure to maintain this drain can result in overflowing water which can damage the floor, carpet, etc.


    • Hose bibbs should be shut off in cold weather, the hoses removed and the faucets drained to prevent freezing and busting pipes.


    • Guardrails and handrailings are required to hold a 200lb live load.  Verifying this is an engineering test beyond the scope of a home inspection. Railings will be inspected to see if properly secured but home inspectors will be unable to determine their load capacities.
    • Window screens are not secure in any brand of window and caution must be observed not to lean against the screens or they can fall out causing a fall and personal injury.  This is even more of a concern with windows that go near floor level.
    • Dryer vents should be removed and cleaned periodically to prevent them from becoming clogged with lint.  Clogged dryer vents can ba fire hazard.

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